What is Skin Tightening (Cutera Titan)?

Designed to give you an all-natural option to enhance your skin tone, the procedure is performed with an infrared light device that treats the skin of the face, neck, jowls, arms, legs, and abdomen or any other body part that has loose skin. The procedure is performed without surgery, has no recovery time, and does not require injections.

Patients typically see benefits after 1 to 3 treatments and some even see results immediately.

Why Skin Tightening?

Because a single treatment can produce good results for some patients, the cosmetic procedure allows for a short turnaround to see results with each procedure lasting about 60 minutes. Both men and women are potential candidates for skin tightening and those who are experiencing mild skin laxity will typically see the best results.

Skin Tightening Advantages

• Non-invasive cosmetic procedure

• Minimal risk procedure

• No use of anesthesia or medication

• Quick recovery

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