RESETTING YOUR BIOLOGICAL CLOCK (It's like internal Plastic Surgery)

Resetting your biological clock is actually a combination of:

  • Slowing the rate at which you age
  • Stopping some aging processes
  • Reverse your biomarkers of aging

You can now:

  • Enjoy remarkable improvements in your general health, your mood and with greater mental speed and clarity.
  • Inhibit the aging of your brain cells & stop the aging system of progressive tissue injury & related aging diseases.
  • Improve your skin texture, tightness, and moisture.
  • Rejuvenate your energy levels, your sexual performance, immune system vigilance and age related growth factors.
  • Re-contour your body, restore muscle tone, and reduce body fat.

The results can be wonderful changes in your biochemistry enabling you to look, feel and function at new levels only enjoyed in your youth. With leading edge medical technology, the answer is not in a fountain-of-youth elixir, but in complex diagnostics that allow us to develop a program specifically designed for you -- and, yet, quite possible for you to achieve.

And really exciting ... is that you can maintain these achievements by reversing, stopping or slowing the aging clock for years to come.

Helping You … Grow Younger

With many new and exciting tools now available to medical science, we now know that aging is a treatable condition that can be slowed and reversed by the customized approach unique to your diagnostic profile.

Aging treatment may include a highly individualized nutritional, hormonal, and pharmacological therapy. At Medical Cosmetic Center, we can strengthen your immune system, replenish declining hormone levels, maintain and repair cells and organs, all based on your individual profile.

We can effect a natural approach to re-tone sagging muscles and reduce body fat … and, finally, we can expertly assist with any desired cosmetic changes for a total well rounded program.

A Newer.. Younger.. Healthier You

The results of Medical Cosmetic's program is a safe, proven, and targeted system that becomes your own effective and dramatic anti-aging program. You'll love the new younger you, and we trust that you will enjoy the periodic review of results, treatments and adjustments so you can stay younger and healthier for years to come. It is the closest we have come to the perennial quest for the fountain of youth.

It's About Time ...

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