If you want to improve your skin tone, we are leading the way in making skin look more beautiful. Dr Ivers  is a pioneer in cosmetic procedures for women and men.

IPL Laser Treatments, also called Intense Pulsed Light Treatments, l ighten, smooth, enhance and rejuvenate the skin “all over the body”. The results are nothing short of remarkable.

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is technically not a real laser. IPL, unlike Laser, uses white light composed of many frequencies (colors of light) compared to Lasers that use only 1 wavelength (color) of light. IPL with multiple light wavelengths has the ability to effectively treat multiple problems within the skin.

Your skin can appear more youthful, radiant and bright. IPL rejuvenates skin, all over the body, by painlessly using white light to penetrate into the skin’s dermis.

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light Treatments) can be used for the following conditions:

  • Reduction in Erythema or redness of the face, neck or chest including the medical condition called “Rosacea”.
  • Flushing (sporadic redness) of the face, neck and chest. IPL remains one of the only effective treatments for this condition that causes embarrassment to many individuals.
  • Rosacea is a medical condition characterized by a low-grade skin inflammation. The redness may be controlled with medication such as topical or oral antibiotics. IPL reduces the inflammation in the skin and may eliminate the need for medication.
  • Photoaging or Sun Damage is skin that has fine wrinkles, freckling, irregular pigmentation, coarse or rough appearance, large pores and a dull texture.
  • Pigmentation Problems (Brown Age-Spots, Melasma or Pregnancy-Mask) are characterized by uneven brown skin pigmentation.
  • Acne Scarring may be visibly improved with IPL treatments that induce Collagen formation in the dermis.
  • Post-Surgical Scars can be lightened with IPL treatments that specifically target vessels in the forming scar tissue.
  • Stretch Marks that are red or purple in color can be faded using IPL.

How many treatments are required?


The standard treatment is a series of three treatments performed at three to four week intervals. Some may be satisfied with the results from one or two sessions, and some may desire additional sessions. Results of IPL are enhanced when used along with chemical peels, HydraFacial MD and Obagi .

Instructions before treatment: 

Discontinue use of Accutane® for six months, Retin-A® for 10 days to two weeks and glycolic acid and alpha-hydroxy acid products for a week before your treatment. Avoid sun and sunless tanning for four weeks. Do not take aspirin or other blood thinners for at least three days before your treatment. You cannot be treated while you have infections or sores in the area.

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