Are you considering facial lift procedure?

Endotine facial cosmetic procedures are based on a revolutionary technology that produces more natural results and reduced recovery time when compared to traditional facelift procedures. The result is a more youthful, revitalized appearance.


are a soft tissue in its new position. Now there is a new method called the Endotine Ribbon Lift.

The Procedure

The Mini Face Lift is an outpatient procedure that usually takes one to two hours to perform, depending on the surgeon, the age of the patient and the degree of correction desired. Oral pre-medication is generally suggested to help relax the patient.

What is the Edotine Ribbon Lift?

The Endotine Ribbon Lift is a new procedure based on input from plastic surgeons experienced in neck and jowl rejuvenation. It features a new tissue-holding device called the Endotine Ribbon that holds the tissues of the neck and jowl in a more elevated, youthful position. The Endotine Ribbon can accommodate the shape of almost any face. Its flexible material molds readily to angular and soft facial contours.

The Endotine Ribbon is comprised of a thin, flexible material with multiple tissue-holding points that allow your surgeon to secure your neck or jowl profile in just the right position. Then, as the repositioned tissue binds fully to its new surrounding tissues, the device is absorbed naturally and your profile remains in the improved position.

Endotine implants are made from a substance called polylactic acid, which is produced from plant materials to create a bio-plastic substance that dissolves naturally and is then completely absorbed by the body—leaving nothing behind but your new, refreshed look.


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