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What is Neck Contouring (Neck Lift)?

Neck contouring (also known as neck lifts or neck liposuction) helps to address issues with the fat, muscle, and skin of the neck and jaw line. Many of our patients have issues with sagging skin around the neck area that they would like to improve.

A minor procedure can be used to remove the fat and may be able to be performed with local anesthetic in our office.

Why Neck Contouring?

Neck Liposuction usually has a recovery time of a few days while a neck lift (involving muscles) may take up to a week or two for recovery time. The procedure is very effective at removing excessive fat from he neck area and regaining your youthful appearance. Results are most effective with patients that are relatively young and have good skin elasticity.

Neck Contouring Advantages

• Helps to create a defined jaw line

• Reduces "Neck Bands"

• Reduces sagging skin in the neck area

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