What is VASER High Definition Liposuction?

A new liposuction procedure called VASER High Definition Liposuction (commonly referred to as VASER Hi-Def) is a cutting edge technique that allows plastic surgeons and cosmetic surgeons the ability to create works of art out of your body. The cosmetic detail and athletic contours that we are able to create are truly remarkable.

This minimally invasive procedure is available through Dr Vincent Ivers who is masterfully trained to achieve incredible results with this cosmetic procedure that is rapidly growing in popularity.

How Does VASER Hi-Def Work?

Since the VASER High Definition Liposuction procedure is minimally invasive, it can be performed as an out-patient cosmetic procedure using local anesthetics. Because of advances in technology, the current VASER tools allow for no risk of burns or bruising. Unlike the liposuction predecessors, VASER techniques are very accurate and only emulsify fat tissues and leave the vessels and connective tissues relatively undisturbed. VASER High Definition Liposuction allows Dr Ivers to accentuate your musclue and structures though sculpting your body with the tools that VASER allows.

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