What is VASER Smooth?

VASERsmooth is a minimally invasive procedure that, unlike many cosmetic treatments, specifically treats cellulite. Ultrasound technologies allow for the emulsification of fat cells as well as the separation of hardened fibrous septae—the culprit behind unsightly skin dimpling.

How Does VASER Smooth Work?

The VASERsmooth probes are designed to perform like other VASER Lipo® probes to selectively break apart fatty tissue while preserving nerves and blood vessels when desired. Ultrasound frequencies target adipose and hardened connective tissues, a one-two punch that directly affects of appearance of cellulite. Some patients choose to use VASERlipo with their VASERsmooth treatment, providing cutting edge technology that allow for incredible fat reduction while smoothing skin and contouring features to achieve incredible results.

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